about me

hi there my name is sevda, i was born and live in turkey. yeah its pretty shitty here. i'm learning coding though i've worked on artificial intelligence and data analysis so far, every time i attempted website development i got bored and frustrated. here's another try at it, my first one being chiichan.waifu.ist that was just me adding few things on top of a template, trying to improve this time. i did get the base for this from a template but i'm not crediting them yes i'm a criminal. i've changed a lot so that's the actual reason for me not crediting.

ok i'm here to talk about myself tho! i love danganronpa a lot which might be cringe in 2020 but no one cares. i also like love live and bandori. thats all on games i guess, i like reading also. i like to read scifi, mystery and utopia/distopia based books. i am not ashamed to say i like the hunger games. no i do not acknowledge that the films exist and neither should you. i used to like my little pony a lot when i was a kid, still like it to a degree but i didnt watch any seasons after i was 8-9 i think? i'm 15 by the way. enough media talk. i struggle with human interaction, why would i be here otherwise? i love talking and being talked to but i have social anxiety which makes me unable to get that across most times. my friends need to be extroverts or people my extrovert friend introduced to me. needless to say i dont have a lot of online friends which i dont mind yall arent real anyway

unrelated to me, i want to include here that shoplifting is very easy and you should try it. and piracy is really really fucking easy, too easy for it to be considered illegal.

i like to think that i used to be an angel. i'm not religious, almost hate religions even the idea of them. i was raised muslim and fuck that. fuck all religions as well i dont care. my idea of myself as an angel is living in a world where everyone are angels. there is nothing but goodness.

i don't have a lot of morals but i do have some. racists, homophobes and transphobes are straight up idiots. nothing more nothing less. judging people by things they did not have control over is idiotic, as long as they don't do anything (caused by that condition) to harm anyone.

i'm hoping to become a molecular biologist and move away from my home country as soon as possible. dont like it here for a lot of reasons but i've never even been abroad before. i need to work on my social anxiety before i even dream of that.

this was written 09.02.2020 (ninth of february)